Singaporean businesses mark Trump-Kim summit with merch


Several food facilities in Singapore have found innovative ways of marking the upcoming historical summit between United States President Donald Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.

One restaurant has created the “Trump-Kim Chi Nasi Lemak”, putting American and Korean elements in the rice dish popular in Singapore and neighbouring Malaysia.

The meal includes United States dry-aged beef and a stack of spicy kimchi, South Korea’s nationwide meal.

Sesame seeds are sprayed on the sunny side-up fried egg. The eatery also utilizes basmati rice, a healthier alternative which is prepared in chicken stock.

On the other hand, a Mexican dining establishment came up with the idea of specialty tacos to celebrate the historical conference with the tagline “Make Tacos fantastic once again”.

“El Gringo” is a cheeseburger taco, while ‘El Hombre Cohette’ is comprised of Korean fried chicken.

One bar is using specialized cocktails.

The “Trump” is a layered bourbon-based drink, in the colours of the American flag.

The ‘Kim’ is deep red and shaken with soju, a vodka-like alcohol liked in both Koreas.

Consumers can also play a drinking game with red and blue shots, representing the two nations.

On a more severe note, the Singapore Mint, which has been documenting history through coins and medallions, recently unveiled celebratory medallions for the upcoming summit.

It is available in 3 kinds – gold, great silver, and nickel-plated zinc, with about a thousand pieces of the gold medallion provided for preliminary around the world mintage at about 1,000 United States dollars a piece.

The director of Singapore Mint, David Yip, said that the public reaction to the online order for the medallions has actually been so overwhelming that they had to increase production.